School Technology and Capital Projects Levy

Because of the way school funding works in Washington State, our school district funds critical programs through levies—they expire every four years, unless voters re-approve them. Lake Washington School district has more than 30,500 students, and this levy impacts every single one of them, every day.

Vote YES to renew our ability to maintain our school buildings and use modern technology.

The school technology and capital projects levy specifically contributes to:

Building maintenance projects that aren’t covered by state funding:

  • roof repairs
  • HVAC
  • fire alarms
  • light bulbs
  • flooring upkeep
  • security upgrades across the district
  • upkeep on athletic fields and playgrounds
  • school pick-up and drop-off lane improvements

Technology that keeps our kids on a modern footing:

  • laptops for teachers and staff
  • laptops for students
  • essential technology to share and teach in the classroom and at home: Active boards, OneDrive, Teams, Outlook, skill-specific software.
  • digital assessments
  • Skyward for communicating with parents
  • training and professional development for teachers

Renewing this levy keeps our students warm, dry and safe.

As for technology, a Middle and High school education in 2022 requires a high degree of technical literacy. Our students are fortunate that they start building these skills early, in developmentally appropriate ways, so they can succeed as they get older.

Please vote yes!