Thank you to the community leaders and organizations who have endorsed the 2022 LWSD Levies. These individuals are speaking for themselves, not the organizations listed below. These levies support our schools, families, and kids.

Local Leaders

Angela Birney – Mayor, Redmond
Penny Sweet – Mayor, Kirkland
Jay Arnold – Deputy Mayor, Kirkland
John Marchione – Former Mayor, Redmond

Amy Falcone – Kirkland City Council
Steve Fields – Redmond City Council
Karen Howe – Sammamish City Council
Vanessa Kritzer – Redmond City Council
Tanika Padhye – Redmond City Council, President
Pam Stuart – Sammamish City Council
Arnie Tomac – Former Redmond Councilmember

Shelley Kloba – WA House of Representatives, 1st District
Roger Goodman – WA House of Representatives, 45th District
Amy Walen – WA House of Representatives, 48th District
Derek Stanford – WA Senate, 1st District
Manka Dhingra – WA Senate, 45th District

Eric Laliberte – LWSD School Board President. Director, District 1
Leah Choi – LWSD School Board Director, District 3
Mark W. Stuart – LWSD School Board VP. Director, District 4
Siri Bliesner – LWSD School Board Director, District 5
Cassandra Sage – Former LWSD School Board Director


Walt and Kathy Krueger – Community Supporters
Tara Van Niman – Parent & volunteer


Lake Washington PTSA Council
Evergreen Middle School PTSA
Louisa May Alcott PTSA
Alexander Graham Bell PTSA
Ben Franklin PTA
Horace Mann PTSA

Endorsement Organizations

1st LD Democrats
45th LD Democrats
48th LD Democrats
King County Realtors
Greater Kirkland Chamber of Commerce
Teamsters Local Union #763

Principals, teachers, and staff

Thomas Allen – Technology Acquisition & Deployment Manager
Alyce Bredehoeft – Payroll & Benefits Manager
Dr. Shannon Hitch – Executive Director of Special Services
Jerred Kelly – Director of Human Resources (Classified Employee and Labor Relations)
Tim Krieger – Director of Data, Research and Accountability
Shannon Parthemer – Director of Communications
Barbara Posthumus – Associate Superintendent
Deborah Wagner – Director, Special Services

Keith Buechler – Principal, Franklin Elementary
Lucy Davies – Principal, Rush Elementary
Taylor Davis – Associate Principal, Redmond Elementary
Jeff DeGallier – Principal on Special Assignment
Melissa Doering – Principal, Parks Elementary
Yon Ho – Associate Principal, Kirk Elementary
Brady Howden – Principal, McAuliffe Elementary
Cheryl Kenyon – Interim Principal, LWSD Online School
Heidi Lane – Principal, Thoreau Elementary
Lori Pierce – Associate Principal, Keller Elementary
Jamie Warner – Principal, Smith Elementary


Angela Birney

Mayor, Redmond

“These three levies are vital to support our students and families into the future. The two replacement levies and the new Building Excellence Capital Levy, which will provide critical classroom facilities in our growing district, are each needed for our students to be successful and graduate future-ready.”

Penny Sweet

Mayor, Kirkland

“Our schools had to completely rethink how to provide public education over the last two years. As we look ahead to what’s needed for our students, it’s critical that they have more support for social emotional learning, sports and arts activities, and school counselors and nurses. We also need to ensure that our students have hybrid learning opportunities and other technology support, as well as the in-person space to safely and effectively engage in their education. We can support our students moving beyond the challenges of the past two years. They deserve a renewal of the Education Programs & Operations Levy and the School Technology & Capital Projects Levy and passage of the Building Excellence Construction Levy.”

Jay Arnold

Deputy Mayor, Kirkland

“We need our kids and our schools ready for the future.  Renewing the levies means more nurses, counselors, and extracurricular activities for kids.  It means technology for the classroom and students and training for teachers. It moves 2300 students from portables to new classroom space and acquires property for future schools.  Only with your support of the levies can we continue to move forward.”

John Marchione

Former Mayor, Redmond (2008-2019)

“A strong, healthy Lake Washington School District means the whole community succeeds with a higher quality of life. Our investments in programs, technology and buildings keeps the LWSD at the forefront of providing a first-class education in today’s ever-changing world.

I strongly encourage voters to approve all three levies to keep our district healthy and thriving.”

Amy Falcone

Kirkland City Council

“Our entire community benefits from a strong public school system. As a mom to three children in the district, a regular school volunteer, and community leader, I fully support the levies that LWSD has on the February 2022 ballot. I see firsthand the growing need for school resources as our region faces continued growth, and I regularly hear from community members who share with me the urgent need to invest in our schools as we grow. These levies provide much-needed funding for student mental health support, special education, technology, building maintenance, and classroom space. Please vote YES on the LWSD levies.”

Karen Howe

Sammamish City Council

“My kids are grown and long gone from LWSD however I strongly support all three levies. When schools do well, we all benefit.

In short there is a financial gap between what the state funds for K-12 and what LWSD students actually need. We must “mind the gap” as it’s one we cannot afford to miss. And for all those who are not fans of portables, the construction levy will help reduce the number of students learning in portable classrooms.”

Vanessa Kritzer

Redmond City Council

“As a mom and a city leader who hears regularly from families about the need for more school resources, I enthusiastically endorse these levies. As more families move into our community, we need to make educational investments to keep up with the growth. Passing these levies is critical to provide the supportive services, teacher training, technology, and increased permanent classrooms that we need to ensure quality, equitable education for all our children.”

Pam Stuart

Sammamish City Council

“The last two years have provided us with ample evidence of the importance of our education system. Renewing the Education Programs & Operations Levy and the School Technology & Capital Projects Levy are more important now than ever before. We need school nurses, counselors, more support and opportunities for social emotional learning, and activities from music to football. And we’ve all seen the importance of technology in our education, we need to continue funding to ensure we enhance our hybrid learning abilities and ensure our students are ready for a technology centric world. Now, we must support the Total Construction Levy to ensure we have the space to safely teach our children in these trying times and into the future.”

Shelley Kloba

WA House of Representatives, 1st District

“Children are our most precious resource, and these investments in an excellent and equitable education system for them is crucial. As a community, it is up to us to make sure that our students are ready to thrive in the world they inherit from us. Please vote YES for the LWSD levy.”

Amy Walen

WA House of Representatives, 48th District

“Our districts rely on local levies and supporting them is essential in keeping our commitment to our kids- they deserve this investment in their education.”

Derek Stanford

WA Senate, 1st District

“I am proud to support strong schools with the staff, technology, and classrooms that kids need to thrive.  Please vote yes for this important investment in our community.”

Manka Dhingra

WA Senate, 45th District

“As a parent of LWSD children, I know we need more modern schools to accommodate our growing needs. Our technology levy gives all our children a much needed advantage in this world and the continuation of the educational program and operational levy is a critical tool to enable all our children to excel.”

Mark W. Stuart

LWSD School Board VP. Director, District 4

“Equitable education is the key to a truly equitable society. Without local levies filling the funding gaps programs and staff essential to working toward the goal of equity. Local levies provide 32 percent of our special education budget.”

Cassandra Sage

Former LWSD School Board Director, youth advocate

As a long-time advocate for education, youth mental health and the prevention of youth substance abuse, I support ALL three levies LWSD has on the ballot for February 8th. Three reasons why:
  1. The EP&O pays for 70% of LWSD school nurses, 40% of Social Emotional Learning/Mental Health supports, and 31% of Special Education services.
  2. The Capital Technology & Facility Levy pays for 90% (yes, 90%) of all Technology including student & staff laptops, and covers building maintenance like roof repairs, HVAC systems and fire alarms.
  3. The Capital Building Levy pays for brick-and-mortar construction. Districts must raise local dollars to build schools. At most, WA state has reimbursed LWSD 12% of cost after construction is complete.

Please join me in voting yes!”

Dr. Shannon Hitch

LWSD, Executive Director of Special Services

“The Lake Washington levies are critical for students who receive special education services. Washington State does not fully fund special education and as a result, we rely upon local levies to fund essential programs for students with disabilities. The EP&O levy provides critical funding for special education programs while the technology levy allows us to purchase critical assistive technology that supports all students. As a parent who has lived in LWSD for over 20 years, and as a leader in special education, I fully endorse these measures.”

Shannon Parthemer

LWSD, Director of Communications

“This levy is critical to supporting all our students in LWSD. By covering 14% of our budget, funding critical technology needs and providing more space for our growing student population, our students and schools need your support.”

Jamie Warner

Principal, Smith Elementary

“LWSD has worked for many years to offer the best educational experience. In order to continue this crucial work, we need the support of those we serve. Please consider showing up for our kids and voting yes!”

Walt and Kathy Krueger

Community Supporters

“Strong schools build strong communities. These three levies are essential to maintain the quality of our schools and continue to raise well-informed capable students and graduates.”

Lake Washington PTSA Council

“On October 18, 2021, the LWSD School Board voted to place three levies on the February 8, 2022, ballot and less than 3 weeks later, on November 4, 2021, our membership voted to endorse and support the 3 levies. Our membership acted swiftly because we know how vital these funds are to meeting the critical needs of students in our growing district.

Lake Washington PTSA Council represents 44 PTAs across our district and more than 9,000 members. Join our members in supporting the 3 levies. Vote YES! On February 8th.”

Evergreen Middle School PTSA

“Evergreen Middle School PTSA fully supports and endorses the 3 upcoming levies on the ballot. Without passing these levies, we will not be able to fully fund K-12 education and could face crucial programming and staffing cuts, so please vote yes for our kids!”

Horace Mann PTSA

“Horace Mann Elementary PTSA supports and endorses the three 2021 LWSD ballot levies. These levies will continue supporting important programs our students are presently using and help the district build capacity for future growth. Without them, many programs, including extracurricular activities, art, special needs, and more will be negatively impacted.

The overall tax increase from 2021 for a home assessed at $1M is only $270. Please vote YES to support our kids and keep up the excellent level of education enjoyed by LWSD students.”