Construction Levy

We are one of the fastest growing school districts in Washington.
(Which makes sense, when we think of all the new cranes and construction sites — no wonder there are so many more school-aged kids!)

To keep pace with all that growth, we are proposing a construction levy to build new schools and classrooms.

New construction

  • Elementary: Build a new elementary school, on underdeveloped land on the Redmond Elementary Campus, with up to 24 classrooms for about 550 students. 
  • Middle school: Additions at Finn Hill, Kirkland and Redmond middle schools. (New capacity for 600 more students.)  
  • High School: add capacity for about 1,200 more students.


Refinancing & restructuring

Our district is also smart about financial management, and stretching tax dollars to get the most for our kids.

So, part of this levy is also devoted to restructuring, retiring, and refinancing some of our old debt from previous levies. Rates are low, this is smart. It will give us lower payments and a lot more flexibility as we confront future growth.

Future growth

We know our area is growing like crazy, and families are moving here if they can afford to. This levy keeps us on a steady pace, working towards our 2030 projections.

  • LWSD is working to maintain a stable tax rate over time.
  • They also need to provide enough physical school buildings and classrooms to maintain an excellent education as we go through another 8 years of anticipated growth.
  • This levy also puts aside money to buy more property for new schools. We need more schools to cut down on crowding. Real Estate is hard to find but our school district is determined to secure new sites (and bought one last year!).