Endorsements for the 2016 Bond

(Titles provided for identification only)

  • Sandburg/DCS Elementary PTSA

    At our March 2016 General Meeting, the Sandburg/DCS PTSA voted unanimously to endorse and support the April 26th LWSD Bond.  This bond measure will allow the district to update aging facilities, add classrooms for our rapidly growing student population, and reduce reliance on portables, all without raising existing tax rates. Please vote YES on or […]
  • Einstein Elementary PTSA

    As a memberhsip, Einstein’s PTSA voted to endorse and support the April 2016 LWSD Bond Measure as the first step towards responding to overcrowding in our schools. This means we believe passing the bond is critical to our students’ success and to providing them with the best learning environment possible.
  • Rosa Parks Elementary PTSA

    Two new elementary schools plus an additional middle school in our Learning Community will greatly enhance Rosa Parks PTSA’s ability to provide services and supplies for our staff, students, and community.  Rosa Parks PTSA Membership is proud to have obtained unanimous membership votes to support and endorse this bond measure!
  • Thoreau Elementary PTA

    The Thoreau Elementary PTA is so proud to endorse the April 2016 Bond Measure to increase funding for LWSD schools.  Endorsing and voting YES for this bond is paramount for our children’s future. Reducing class sizes and improving our building conditions are as important to learning as the curriculum they use.
  • Juanita Elementary School PTA

    The Juanita Elementary School PTA proudly supports and endorses the upcoming April 2016 LWSD bond.    Voting YES to this bond will have both a positive impact not only on our children, but also on our community as a whole.   Every single YES vote truly does matter, so please take the time to mail in those […]
  • Rachel Carson Elementary PTSA

    We are proud to endorse the April 2016 LWSD Measure. It will deliver room for our kids to have every opportunity to learn, but not impact our tax rate. Please join us and vote YES for the April LWSD Bond.
  • Kamaiakin Middle School PTSA

    The Kamiakin Middle School PTA enthusiastically endorses and supports the LWSD 2016 Bond. Providing enough space to house our students and teachers is of paramount importance. We want to attract great teachers and help every student become future ready! Vote YES!
  • Dickinson / Explorer PTSA

    The Emily Dickinson/Explorer PTSA enthusiastically supports the April 2016 LWSD Bond measure and asks for your support, too. Our students learn in portables rated as “poor”, and our teachers and students feel the impacts of overcrowding on a daily basis. Next year this overcrowding will only get worse. Please, join us and vote YES this […]
  • Audubon PTSA

    We are excited to report that the Audubon PTSA general membership voted to support and endorse the April 2016 Lake Washington School District bond Measure! This Bond Measure is significant for current students, and for all students who enter our doors in years to come. Every voice counts. Please join the Audubon community and vote “YES” for all […]
  • Bell Elementary School PTSA

    We are excited to support the April 2016 LWSD Bond. It is good for our schools, great for our community, and fair to tax payers. By passing this bond, we will deliver much needed space for thousand of students, and reduce the reliance on portable classrooms. We will do this WITHOUT RAISING THE TAX RATE. […]
  • Robert Frost PTSA

    The Robert Frost PTSA proudly supports the April 2016 LWSD Bond. It is a responsible measure, building much needed space for our kids so we can address overcrowding, aging facilities, all-day Kindergarten and K-3 Class size reductions. The April 2016 Bond will not raise your tax rate. Please join us and vote YES for the […]
  • Horace Mann PTSA

    LWSD has experienced incredible growth and we need to make sure all students in LWSD attend schools that are safe and can accommodate all students. Horace Mann PTSA is proud to endorse and support the upcoming 2016 bond. This bond will not raise taxes – it will only help all our students reach their full […]
  • Renaissance School of Art and Reasoning PTSA

    The April 2016 LWSD bond will provide room for approximately 3,000 kids and address our most critical facility issues in the Lake Washington School District.  It will deliver this value with no tax rate increase for taxpayers.  Please join our PTSA and vote YES this April for all LWSD kids.
  • Blackwell Elementary PTSA

    Our school district continues to grow in its student population and needs.  As one of the largest districts in the entire state, we aren’t prepared for this growth.  School buildings are aging, and do not fit the current or future demands put on them by our students.  It is time to fix these problems!  As […]
  • Juanita High School PTSA

    Our mission is to advocate for students staff and families of Juanita High School – inspiring academic success, encouraging student growth, providing updated communication and supporting a safe environment.  Passage of the April 2016 LWSD bond will provide space for 504 students in our school, space we desperately need.  The bond will also allow us […]
  • Samantha Smith PTSA

    The Lake Washington School District is facing overcrowding and aging facilities.  With over 30,000 students expected to be enrolled in the next five years, our current buildings will not be able to provide the enriching environments needed to create future ready students.  Please join us, the Samantha Smith PTSA, and thousands of others in the […]
  • Eastlake High School PTSA

    Rooms for our students without increasing taxes- win win!  Eastlake High School PTSA is proud to support this bond for our kids, community, and future.
  • Redmond Middle School PTSA

    New feeder elementary schools plus an additional middle school in our Learning Community will greatly enhance RMS PTSA’s ability to provide services and supplies for our staff and students. Redmond Middle School PTSA is proud to have obtained unanimous membership endorsement for this bond measure!
  • Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8

    This bond measure presents a reasonable and balanced plan to solve the issue of classroom capacity and aging schools in a rapidly growing school district.  The Lake Washington PTSA Council members proudly endorse this bond and encourage the community to vote YES! on April 26.