Endorsements for the 2018 Bond and Levy Measures

(Titles provided for identification only)

  • Audubon PTSA

    Please join the Audubon community and vote “YES” for all Lake Washington kids this February.
  • Blackwell Elementary PTSA

    Join the Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary PTSA and vote “yes” for the February 2018 bond and levy measures so that our kids can have schools that meet their needs and allow them to reach their full potential.
  • Peter Kirk Elementary PTSA

    This 2018 Bond & Levy is essential to the continued growth of District – now the 3rd largest in the State! Among expanding LW High School and building a new elementary school in Kirkland, it goes to fund 80% of our substitute teachers, and 100% of our athletic salaries. Best of all, it will reduce […]