Committee Volunteers

The LWCLC is an all-volunteer organization. If you would like to actively join the Committee too, please email Chair Jackie Pendergrass at

Meetings are generally held on Wednesdays at noon, once a month, at the LWEA office in Kirkland. During election times, additional meetings are sometimes scheduled. For a current meeting schedule, please contact us at above email.

Committee Members

Jackie Pendergrass – President & Steering Comm. Chair; LW School Board President; former LWSD parent and LWPTSA leader
Nancy Bernard – LW School Board
Siri Bliesner – LW School Board
Chris Carlson – LW School Board, LWSD parent
Doug Eglington – LW School Board

Byron Shutz – Vice Pres. and Steering Comm. Chair; Past Co-Pres. LWSF, Citizen Ed Advocate, LWSD parent, & LWPTSA leader  - webmaster
Barb Billinghurst – Citizen Education Advocate, former LWSD parent and LWPTSA leader
Susan Baird-Joshi – Past LWPTSA Advocacy Chair, LWSD parent
Wendy DeLong – Chair; Past President LWPTSA, former LWSD parent
Wendy Gildersleeve – Citizen Education Advocate, LWSD parent and LWPTSA leader
Sheila Hagerman – Treasuer, LWEA, former LWSD parent and LWPTSA leader
Nancy Hartnell – Citizen Education Advocate, former LWSD parent and LWPTSA leader
Shelley Kloba – Citizen Education Advocate, LWSD parent and LWPTSA leader
Matt Loschen – Citizen Education Advocate, LWSD parent & LWPTSA leader
Kerri Nielson - Realtor, LWSD parent & LWPTSA
Johanna Palmer – Citizen Education Advocate; former LWSB member, LWSD parent & LWPTSA leader
Kevin Teeley – President LWEA

Committee Advisors

Traci Pierce – LWSD Superintendent
Janene Fogard – LWSD Deputy Superintendent
Barbara Posthumus – LWSD Coordinator of Business Services; LWSD Parent
Kathryn Reith – LWSD Communications Director
– LWSD Asst. Superintendent Director of Technology