The Lake Washington School District is one of the fastest-growing in the state. We have grown from sixth to fourth largest this year alone with an enrollment increase of 1114 students in just one year. To put things in perspective, that is 34 classrooms worth of students. But we don’t have a spare 34 classrooms available for those students. And the projections are we will keep growing. In fact, we will go from roughly 27,000 students now to over 30,000 by 2020.

Our schools are already overcrowded, with over 4,000 students in portables, and the problem is just getting worse. By next school year there will be 168 portables in the district; that is the equivalent of 7 elementary schools worth of classroom space.

We can solve this problem and make sure Lake Washington kids continue to have some of the best educational opportunities in the state. That’s what this bond does: Reduces overcrowding without raising our tax rate.

Please join your neighbors and vote YES for our kids and schools by April 26th!

Bond Details

For detailed information about what has led to this bond and what this bond will do for our kids, please visit the LWSD Bond page.

At a glance, here is how bond funds will be invested:

You can see more information in this district video.

Here is how these investments will affect capacity:

  • Two new elementary schools and one new middle school adds room for 2000 more students, reducing overcrowding in area schools by 20%
  • Margaret Mead rebuild adds room for 158 more students
  • Peter Kirk rebuild adds room for 190 more students
  • Juanita HS rebuild adds room for 504 more students
  • Old Redmond School House renovation creates 10 preschool classrooms.

To see the district’s multi-year plan, please visit the Facilities Funding Plan 2016-2030.

School Videos

Check out these videos from LWSD that talk about the schools covered in this bond proposal.